Sports Running Headphones

You can do sports and still hear a clean sound

Purchasing advice sports headphones

Your favourite music in your ears is really inspiring when you run, and even the longest longrun is much more entertaining with an exciting podcast. However, it is worth buying special sports headphones to ensure that the acoustic running experience is not impaired by tangled cables or constantly falling out earphones. Use our purchase guide to get an overview of the different models and find out which headphones suit your running behaviour and your music.

What are the features of headphones for runners?

Running places high demands on the headphones: ideally, you shouldn't feel them at all. These are the most important requirements:

  • Secure fit: When the earplugs are in the ear, nothing should jiggle or squeeze on or in the pinna. Which model meets these criteria naturally varies from ear to ear. In general, however, it can be said that simple earbuds tend to fall out and large, fashionable headphones can easily slip.
  • The in-ear headphones don't connect via cable, but via Bluetooth to your playback device. This gives you more flexibility when jogging.
  • In addition, Mpow Cheetah sports headphones feature typical headband straps that are worn over the ear for a more stable fit.
  • The sound of the Mpow Cheetah is more than acceptable in view of the price, but cannot compete with headphones in the higher price segment.

Premium headphones for jogging: JayBird Bluebuds X Storm Camo Wireless

With the JayBird Bluebuds X Storm Wireless Headphones you get everything you expect from headphones for jogging. On the next page, you'll see which types of headphones are healthiest for your ear. If you're also looking for good running shoes, check out our partner Wirecutter's in-depth review of which are the best running shoes for men and women.