Noise Cancelling Headphones

You wno't hear anything else

From space to the subway

Bluetooth headphones have been booming ever since the iPhone 7, which comes without a jack socket. Estimated to be one in every two units sold this year was already wireless. Bluetooth headphones with noise cancelling technology are on the rise. The market leader in this area is Bose, the US company is also regarded as the inventor of technology.

How active noise cancelling works

But how does Active Noise Cancelling (ANC, sometimes also "Active Noise Reduction ANR") actually work? The headphones have several microphones built into the ear cups that register all ambient noise and pass the information on to the built-in electronics. In large over-ear models, the processor is usually located directly in the headphones themselves; in smaller in-ear models, it is usually installed in the headphone cable.

The processor calculates an exactly opposite anti-sound, which virtually eliminates the background noise. The actual useful signal - such as the music or the soundtrack of a film - remains unaffected. To do this, however, the headphones must have a power source, usually batteries or rechargeable batteries rechargeable via USB.

High-tech headphones for undisturbed music enjoyment

In contrast to the universe, it is much louder down here on earth. Cars honk their horns. The trams rattle. Airplanes rustle over our heads. Children scream and pneumatic hammers can even cause stress. Louder than jackhammers would be sea frogs - but that's another topic. Those who want to escape from this noisy world have to lock themselves in at home. For everyone else there is an alternative. The magic word is headphones with noise suppression.