How to compare Earbuds

In-ear headphones bring music directly into the ear and additionally shield the wearer from many environmental noises.
How good the sound experience is, especially in the bass range, depends first and foremost on the right fit.
When comparing small headphones, this means one thing above all else: try it out! Depending on personal preferences and usage habits,
there are the classic in-ear headphones with cable or wireless headphones, with microphone for making calls or with an additional bracket for a more stable fit.

Useful Info

If you are wearing your most beautiful bowl, you don't want to look funny with large over-ears. Even on a longer journey, it is often practical to be able to quickly stow your headphones in a vest pocket. Some, like me, like to have a few in reserve - should the main headphones fail.

What keeps many from listening to most of their music through in-ears is that the sound simply sounds better on a good on or over-ear. But does it really?

How do you use in-ear headphones properly?

That would have been easier to explain a few years ago! What determines the hold and fit of an in-ear is primarily the plastic attachment. The plug that comes to the front and then into the ear.

Inserting Earbuds with Loops

The loop is intended to provide additional support and is found on some Bluetooth headsets as well as in-ears. The idea behind it is that the plastic loop spreads out against the ear and thus presses the actual attachment more firmly into the ear or reinforces its fit. As a rule, the loops can be attached independently of the actual attachment.

In-Ears are compact and can deliver remarkably good sound. There is a huge selection, where also some inexpensive representatives convince. But what to do if in-ears cause problems and, for example, constantly turn into an impossible knot in your trouser pocket? For the best experience, there are good tips that we will show you below. We'll start with how you wear it, because you may have always worn in-ears wrong...

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